Men’s Health Check

Men’s Health Check

As men get older, testosterone levels decline as from the age of 30. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone.

The hormone testosterone contributes to the following body functions:

  • production of red blood cells
  • development of male sex organs
  • sperm production
  • bone growth
  • performance
  • muscle Growth

Studies have shown that the “sun hormone” vitamin D can increase your testosterone levels. Therefore, you should pay attention to a sufficient supply of vitamin D.

Not only does vitamin D increase testosterone levels but it also prevents osteoporosis, lowered immunity, muscle pain and weak performance.

To prevent bad health of men, vitamin D and testosterone levels should be checked regularly.

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Cerascreen® Men's Health Check

Optimal men’s health can be secured by sufficiently high testosterone levels. 

The Cerascreen® Men’s Health Check helps you to easily ensure good health and to support your health in case of a deficiency!

The Men's Health Check contains the following tests:

Determine your results conveniently at home 

How our tests work

Certified laboratory and quality management

cerascreen laboratory

At Cerascreen, we have carefully selected trusted laboratory partners, such as DST Diagnostic Systems & Technologies, who have specialised in holistic human diagnostics since more than 10 years and are located in Schwerin, Germany. The cerascreen® concept is based on the long-standing experience of DST Diagnostic System & Technologies in human diagnostics along with the expertise and advice offered by experienced health specialists across various disciplines throughout Europe.


  • DIN EN ISO 13485
  • Interlaboratory test


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