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Superfoods: power food for every day

Superfoods help you integrate healthy food into your diet without much effort. These are foods that are particularly rich in vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants. Even small portions of superfoods can provide our bodies with various valuable nutrients. These help the body to protect and nourish its cells, for example. They also contribute to a strong immune system and strong bones – depending on which nutrients they contain. 

Tip: Superfoods are great as a snack for in between meals or as a cooking ingredient. In the form of powders, capsules or tablets, they can also be taken with water and are always ideal to take with you when on the go.

Advantages of exotic superfoods

If you want to buy superfoods, you will most likely find many products with exotic names. Acai berries, chlorella algae powder or spirulina tablets were hardly known a few years ago. In their countries of origin, however, the raw materials boast a long tradition in natural medicine. These natural nutrient sources represent a counter-trend to fast food and takeaways, which have shaped our diet in the Western world for the last few decades.

Exotic superfoods inspire people with their surprising properties and novel culinary experiences. Chia seeds, for example, are very popular because they are not only suitable as a topping for cereals and yogurts. They also serve as a base for vegan puddings or pastries. At the same time, the superfood is rich in omega-3 and dietary fibres.

Are there any local superfoods?

The interest in superfoods also draws attention to local nutrient bombs that are not available in superfood shops but quite simply in supermarkets. Green vegetables, for example, are considered particularly beneficial to health. Berries and cocoa have an anti-inflammatory effect, and linseed is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

While exotic superfoods offer us surprising benefits, foods from your local area or from your own garden can also boost your health. Young nettle leaves, for example, taste great as a salad and are rich in iron and vitamin C. If you wash and cook it or work it with a rolling pin, the wild herb loses its stinging properties.

How do I incorporate superfoods in my diet?

healthy diet with fresh fruit and vegetables and whole-grain products provides a good basis for a diet with all the important nutrients. If you have little time and rarely cook fresh meals, superfoods in their original form or as capsules, powders and tablets can easily enrich your diet. Here’s some inspiration on how to pack the most important nutrients into your diet every day:

Morning: Muesli with oatmeal, plant milk, berries and chia seeds or flax seeds plus one glass of orange juice.

Morning snack: Natural yogurt with matcha powder

Lunchtime: Salmon with broccoli and potatoes; for dessert, banana with cocoa and almond puree

Afternoon snack: A handful of dried fruit or goji berries in chocolate

Evening: Salad with pomegranate seeds, walnuts, feta, tomatoes, chickpeas and wholemeal bread.

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