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Our food is full of valuable nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy. However, athletes, people with special requirements and with certain eating habits may need to increase their vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake, to make up for nutrients that they do not consume enough of with their diet.

With dietary supplements from cerascreen®, you can tailor your nutrient intake specifically to your needs. We have tested and carefully selected our products by means of strict internal evaluation, making sure our supplements are of the highest-possible bioavailability. Good bioavailability means that your body can utilise the nutrients from a preparation very effectively.

What are dietary supplements?

A balanced diet is probably the best way for healthy people to get all the important nutrients they need. In certain circumstances or due to certain habits, dietary supplements can be very useful.

Women who want to have children and pregnant women, for example, need to consume a sufficient amount of folic acid to reduce the risk of miscarriage and neural tube defects in the child. Athletes should ensure that all crucial nutrients are present in their body at optimal levels to promote muscle growth and performance.

In other cases, the body cannot properly absorb nutrients from food – this is particularly the case with gastrointestinal diseases and alcohol addiction. Dietary supplements – for example, in the form of combination supplements, ensure the body receives a whole range of nutrients.

Are there food supplements for vegetarians and vegans?

Vegan and vegetarian diets are gaining popularity. While vegetarians refrain from eating meat and fish but consume animal products such as milk and eggs, vegans eat only plant-based foods.

Because of these dietary restrictions, people following a vegan or vegetarian diet are usually at risk of developing a nutrient deficiency, as meals may not provide adequate amounts of nutrients such as B vitamins. Since vitamin B12, for example, is only found in animal foods, vegans must take it via dietary supplements. Supplements with calcium, iodine or iron are also important supplements for you to consider taking if you are vegetarian or vegan.

Taking regular home health tests or booking an annual blood test with your doctor will tell you your nutrient levels are as a vegetarian or vegan.

How do I take dietary supplements?

If you want to buy dietary supplements, you can choose between different dosage forms such as capsules, tablets, drops and powder. This way, you can practically integrate the different types of supplements into your everyday life. Supplements that contain only one nutrient – for example, only magnesium – are best suited for targeted intake.

Three tips on how supplements are best absorbed by the body:
    1. Vitamin A, D and K are fat-soluble and should be taken in combination with a meal.
    2. Zinc is best taken one hour before or after consuming meals or, if fasting, before going to bed.
    3. You should take iron supplements on an empty stomach together with vitamin C.
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