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Vitamin B complex supplements

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What is vitamin B complex used for?

Vitamin B complex is made up of eight B vitamins that the body needs for metabolic processes and producing energy. The human body cannot store the majority of these vitamins: vitamin B3, for example, can only be stored in limited quantities. So, these micronutrients have to be supplied through our daily meals. If you are unable to meet your daily requirements due to a certain lifestyle or an illness, simply ensure you optimise your vitamin B complex intake by taking dietary supplements.

B complex: why is it important?

The B complex has many different functions. For example, the individual micronutrients are involved in blood and hormone formation, blood circulation and nerve function. Here are the functions of the individual B vitamins at a glance:

  • – Vitamin B1: Nerve function
  • – Vitamin B2: Energy metabolism & detoxification
  • – Vitamin B3: Balanced fat and cholesterol levels
  • – Vitamin B5: Cell regeneration & wound healing
  • – Biotin (formerly vitamin B7): Healthy hair, skin and nails
  • – Folic acid (formerly vitamin B9): Cell division
  • – Vitamin B12: Cell renewal

Do I need to increase my B complex intake?

The body cannot produce B vitamins itself. You must therefore supply your body with these vitamins daily through the food you eat. A balanced and varied diet ensures that you receive a sufficient intake. The vital micronutrients are found in vegetables, potatoes, wholegrain products, legumes, nuts, milk, fish and meat. 

How should vitamin B be taken?

With the vitamin B supplements that we offer in our online shop, you can take vitamin B complex or individual vitamin supplements in a targeted manner. Water-soluble vital substances such as B vitamins are best taken on an empty stomach – half an hour before a meal or two hours afterwards.

It is recommended that these groups of people take special B vitamins in the form of dietary supplements:

  1. - Folic acid if you wish to have children and for pregnant and breastfeeding women: to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the unborn child; ensure higher intake before and after birth
  2. - Vitamin B12 for vegans: vitamin B12 is only contained in animal products in sufficient quantities; vegetarians should also boost their vitamin B12 intake with supplements, if necessary

Who else needs to increase their vitamin B intake?

A sufficient intake of the individual components of the vitamin B complex is equally important for healthy and sick people alike. There are certain situations and circumstances for which a larger supply of B vitamins may be necessary. You may need to increase your vitamin B intake if the following factors apply to you:

  • – You undertake hard physical work and exercise
  • – You tend to experience stress and/or depression
  • – You have a fever
  • – You’re taking certain medicines
  • – You’re a patient undergoing chemotherapy
  • – You suffer from an alcohol or nicotine addiction

Tip: Even if you drink large amounts of coffee or black tea, you may need to up your B vitamin intake – these hot drinks actually reduce absorption in your gut.

What are typical signs of vitamin B deficiency?

If you are deficient in certain individual components of the vitamin B complex, metabolic processes and energy production processes may be disrupted as a result of this. Symptoms of a deficiency range from generic symptoms to very specific symptoms, for example:

  • – Tiredness, exhaustion
  • – Susceptibility to infection
  • – Insomnia
  • – Neurological disorders, such as depressive moods
  • – Bad gut health
  • – Torn corners of the mouth
  • – (Inflammatory) changes in skin and mucous membranes
  • – Nerve pain and insensitivity
  • – Anaemia

Tip: Before buying and taking vitamin B complex supplements, it is best to seek medical advice and check your micronutrients levels.

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