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If the eyes cause problems, those affected may see worse. But many other complaints are also possible. For example, it often happens that the eyes become too dry, which leads to itching and burst veins. This can also be related to the diet - a lack of vitamins A, B12 and D can probably contribute to dry eyes. Certain nutrients and diseases such as diabetes are also related to the risk of developing macular degeneration in old age that weakens our eyesight and can lead to blindness. On this page we recommend tests with which you can track down some possible causes of eye problems. Click below which other symptoms and properties apply to you and receive tailored recommendations. Show more


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Vitamin D Test
Too little vitamin D can be related to constant fatigue, sleep disorders, and skin problems. You use the test to measure your vitamin D3 blood levels.
Hba1c Test – Long Term Blood Sugar Test
Elevated or highly fluctuating blood sugar levels can contribute to exhaustion, sleep disorders, obesity and a high risk of diabetes.
Vitamin B12 Test
Vitamin B12 deficiency often causes sleep disorders and constant fatigue in the long term. The blood test is used to check your level of active vitamin B12.
Homocysteine Test
The homocysteine level can give an indication of the risk of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and macular degeneration.
Comprehensive Allergy Test
Allergies (e.g. pollen, food, latex, house dust) can manifest themselves as skin changes, eye problems and gastrointestinal complaints.
Omega-3 Test
If there is a lack of omega-3 fatty acids the body cannot effectively fight inflammation for example on the skin. Being overweight promotes such inflammation.
Vitamin A Test
Too little vitamin A can contribute to night blindness and possibly dry eyes.
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