Sleep disorders

Worse or too little sleep not only makes you tired - but also sick. If people suffer from a lack of sleep, among other things, increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In any case, it is worth doing something for a relaxing night's sleep. But many find it difficult to find out what is behind bad sleep and what they can do about it. So where do you start when you suffer from sleep problems and don't know where you come from? On this page we recommend tests with which you can track down some possible causes. Click below which other symptoms and properties apply to you and receive tailored recommendations. Show more


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Vitamin D Test
Too little vitamin D can be related to constant fatigue, sleep disorders, and skin problems. You use the test to measure your vitamin D3 blood levels.
Hba1c Test – Long Term Blood Sugar Test
Elevated or highly fluctuating blood sugar levels can contribute to exhaustion, sleep disorders, obesity and a high risk of diabetes.
Cortisol Test (stress hormone)
If the daily course of the stress hormone cortisol deviates significantly, this can make fatigue, sleep disorders and obesity more likely.
Mineral Test
An adequate supply of minerals such as magnesium can help prevent fatigue, sleep disorders and skin problems.
Vitamin B12 Test
Vitamin B12 deficiency often causes sleep disorders and constant fatigue in the long term. The blood test is used to check your level of active vitamin B12.
Ferritin Test
Iron deficiency can lead to constant fatigue and sleep problems. With our test, you measure ferritin, the storage iron in the blood.
Gut Flora Test
If the intestinal flora is out of balance, the risk of digestive problems, sleep disorders and probably obesity increases.
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