According to estimates in the Health Survey for England 2021, 25,9% of adults are obese, with another 37,9% being overweight, but not obese. If these numbers are correct, almost two in three adults in the UK are overweight. Not just fast food, too much sugar and salt as well as lack of exercise can lead to overweight. Researchers are discovering more and more connections, for example between weight gain and the intestinal bacteria, our sleep and sex hormones. 
On this page we recommend tests to track down your weight fluctuations or at a glance possible consequences of overweight can keep. Click below which other symptoms and properties apply to you and receive tailored recommendations.

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Testosterone Test
Low testosterone levels can cause various symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, weight gain and sensitivity to pain.
Hba1c Test – Long Term Blood Sugar Test
Elevated or highly fluctuating blood sugar levels can contribute to exhaustion, sleep disorders, obesity and a high risk of diabetes.
Cortisol Test (stress hormone)
If the daily course of the stress hormone cortisol deviates significantly, this can make fatigue, sleep disorders and obesity more likely.
Cholesterol Test
Being overweight is considered an important risk factor for bad cholesterol levels. Losing weight on the other hand, has a positive effect on blood lipids.
Gut Flora Test
If the intestinal flora is out of balance, the risk of digestive problems, sleep disorders and probably obesity increases.
Omega-3 Test
If there is a lack of omega-3 fatty acids the body cannot effectively fight inflammation for example on the skin. Being overweight promotes such inflammation.
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