Gluten Intolerance Test

Gluten Intolerance Test

The cerascreen coeliac disease test is a sample submission kit to use at home. The test is used to determine the presence of antibodies typical to coeliac disease in case of suspected gluten intolerance and check for tissue transglutaminase (tTG IgG). The coeliac disease test includes free evaluation in the diagnostic laboratory and a very detailed results report.

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Determine the presence of antibodies typical of coeliac disease against tissue transglutaminase (iTG-IgG)

  • Detailed results report
  • Free analysis in the specialist diagnostic laboratory
  • Pain-free and easy to perform
  • Only takes a few minutes
  • No stress from a visit to the doctor

Please note that a relevant test result is only guaranteed in case you have eaten foods containing gluten prior (approx 2 weeks) to testing. A gluten-free diet can distort the result.

Coeliac disease is a lifelong medical condition. Components in gluten lead to chronic inflammation and damage of the lower intestinal mucosa. Recognising coeliac disease is important, because when the disease is present, eating food that contains gluten can cause secondary diseases. 

Through advanced research and better diagnosis options, it is possible to recognise forms of coeliac disease with symptoms outside of the small intestine. One example of this is dermatitis herpetiformis, also known as Duhring’s disease, an extremely itchy skin condition accompanied by blistering.

Your individual test result

One click to know everything: We present the evaluation of your cerascreen® tests in our online customer area - of course password-protected for maximum security! In your individual expert report, you will learn which substances have a negative effect on your performance and thus restrict you in everyday life.

Note: The referenced values in the report refer to adults.

cerascreen gluten intolerance test sample results report

Symptoms of coeliac disease 

  • Growth disturbance in children
  • Protruding stomach
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Paleness
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Personality change 

How the gluten intolerance test works

Certified laboratory and quality management

cerascreen laboratory

At cerascreen® , we have carefully selected trusted laboratory partners, such as DST Diagnostic Systems & Technologies, who have specialised in holistic human diagnostics for over 10 years and are located in Schwerin, Germany. The cerascreen concept is based on the long-standing experience of DST Diagnostic System & Technologies in human diagnostics along with the expertise and advice offered by experienced health specialists across various disciplines throughout Europe.


  • EN ISO 13485
  • EN ISO 9001
  • interlaboratory test


The gluten intolerance test kit consists of

cerascreen gluten intolerance test unboxed
  • Several pages of illustrated instructions, explaining step by step how a blood sample is taken and how the test is performed
  • Activation card with test ID for registration
  • Disinfection cloth, swab, plaster, 2 lancets CE 0344, blood collection tube, transport tubes
  • Name label
  • A return bag, which you can use to send your blood sample free of charge by post to our laboratory

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