• Bullet - 300g

Bullet - 300g

Replace your coffee with a BULLET Coffee and benefit from sustained mental energy from pure C8 MCTs all morning. With creamy vanilla flavor!
  • Form: Powder
  • Content: 300 g
  • Information: gluten-free, lactose-free, without genetic engineering, without artificial additives
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    Get the best out of yourself and reach your goal! The two founders of the company had to perform at their best for years as officers in the German Armed Forces - and that under high physical and mental stress. For this reason, Philip and Johannes dealt with physical and mental self-optimization: Biohacking! They founded ahead with the goal of making healthy and performance-enhancing products accessible to all.

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    Vitamin D belongs to the fat-soluble vitamins, which can only be absorbed by the intestine together with fat. It contributes to normal functioning of the immune system and cell division.It is also involved in the maintenance of normal muscle function, normal bones and teeth, and normal calcium levels.

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    Fit ahead daily sunshine is the cerascreen Vitamin D Test.

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£29.90 Incl. VAT - Free Shipping
£29.90 Incl. VAT - Free Shipping