Premium Allergy and Intolerance Check

  • Premium Allergy and Intolerance Check

Premium Allergy and Intolerance Check

The cerascreen® Premium Allergy and Intolerance Check analyses different symptoms of unknown origins in a combined, more affordable way. From unspecific stomach pain to severe allergic reactions, our tests will help you better understand the possible reasons for pain and discomfort as well as provide you with personalised recommendations regarding your health.

The cerascreen® Premium Allergy and Intolerance Check includes not only a comprehensive food intolerance and food allergy test, but also histamine and coeliac disease tests.

  • Easy to use test kit
  • Tested in state-of-the-art laboratory
  • Includes testing of IgE, IgG4, Diamine oxidase & for gluten intolerance
  • Personal results report includes personalised tips and suggestions

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    cerascreen® Premium Allergy and Intolerance Check

    A food allergy is an abnormal immune response to food. The body produces antibodies (immunoglobulins) to harmless substances such as food ingredients. Apart from this, the breakdown of histamine can be impaired, which results in elevated histamine blood levels.

    All in all, these are the body's dire error responses that we feel in the form of “classic” allergic reactions or unspecific digestive issues.

    These issues are one of the typical symptoms of non-coeliac gluten sensitivity as well as the genetic coeliac disease. In both cases, the gluten contained in traditional cereals such as wheat, spelt, rye, barley, green spelt and kamut cannot be tolerated. The aforementioned gastrointenstinal disorder, coupled with lack of appetite and fatigue (resulting from mucous membrane damage in the small intestine and the immune response), are the symptoms of these conditions.

    Once you send us the blood sample, a comprehensive analysis which covers 95% of the most common triggers for allergies and intolerances in Europe will be conducted.

    In terms of a possible histamine intolerance, the lab will also check the level of the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO) that breaks down histamine. With histamine intolerance, the blood concentration of DAO is much lower than that of healthy people.

    Coeliac disease can be determined by measuring the tissue transglutaminase (tTG), in which case the tTG blood level is increased.

    Based on your test results, you will receive a comprehensive result report in your personal online area which provides you with personalised advice as well as dietary recommendations and vitamin supplementation.

    The Premium Allergy and Intolerance Check contains the following tests:

    Determine your results conveniently at home 

    Free health advise

    Do you still have questions about your test results? We offer free heatlh advice from our nutritionist by telephone— in English. During your 15 minute coaching session, our nutrition expert will explain to you not just what your results mean, but also about health in general, test taking, and answer questions about further tests. Further Information can be sent to you by Email upon request. To book our free health advise please follow the link in your results report.

    How our tests work

    Certified, reliable and accurate

    cerascreen laboratory

    We focus on delivering trustworthy and accurate results by working with the best accredited and certified laboratories that regularly participate in interlaboratory proficiency testing. Our goal is to always ensure a high level of quality and competency. All our partners are laboratories that provide extensive experience and are trusted as well as utilised by physicians all across Europe. Our setup of using anonymous Test-IDs ensures maximum data protection and privacy.

    We use the highest certification standards for quality management:

    • ISO 9001
    • EN ISO 13485
    • Interlaboratory proficiency testing

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