Weight Loss Bundle

  • Weight Loss Bundle
  • Weight Loss Bundle

Weight Loss Bundle

Losing weight is complicated. You want to reduce your body fat, but still maintain your muscle mass. It is important to provide your body with the right nutrients. The nutrients should be easily absorbed by your body for maximum performance. Food allergies and food intolerances can make you feel uncomfortable and sick. Find the appropriate foods for your body before changing your diet.

Vitamin D is essential for a normal body functioning. It provides the foundation for fat burning and muscle growth.

  • Easy, at-home test kit
  • Never eat the wrong food again
  • Provide your body with enough vitamin D to stay healthy and lose fat
  • Vitamin D is essential for the muscle function, the nervous system and the bone structure
  • Save money and start now

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cerascreen® Weight Loss Bundle

Once our medical laboratory has received your small blood sample, they will start a comprehensive analysis of 95% of the most common triggers for allergies and intolerances in Europe. Furthermore, they will check the level of the cholecalciferol, the storage form of vitamin D, in your blood which helps assess your body's supply of the vitamin.

Based on your test results, you receive a comprehensive result report in your personal online area which provides you with individualised advice as well as recommendations for nutrition and vitamin supplementation which you can discuss with our nutrition experts.

Food allergies and intolerances

Food allergies and intolerances are triggered by the body's natural defences. The body produces immunoglobulines to fend off harmful intruders like viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. In case of a food allergy or intolerance, this defence system is impaired. The body recognizes harmless substances like foods or food nutrients as potential pathogens. The result: an allergic or allergy-like reaction where there should be none. In addition the intestinal mucosa may become more permeable so that allergenic substances can pass into the blood and stay there. Sooner or later, these are accompanied by the biggest opponents of successful weight loss: fat and water retention.

Vitamin D

Not only food allergies and intolerances but also vitamin D insufficiency can interfere with your goal of weight loss. Why is that so? Quite simple: vitamin D as a hormone plays a key role in various metabolic processes in your body. With regard to weight loss, these are for example:


A vitamin D deficiency leads to a reduction of jumping power, maximum power and maximum speed. According to studies, an increased vitamin D intake can promote the number of muscle fibres and muscle cells. More muscle cells and muscle fibres mean, in turn, that the body uses more energy to keep them active. For this purpose, the bothersome fatty tissue is mobilized and the fat burning process is stimulated.

Nervous system

Various studies show that the insufficient supply of vitamin D negatively influences illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, schizophrenia and autism. In general, an optimised level of vitamin D leads to an improved mood and helps overcome your inner bastard.

Bone Structure

In adults, vitamin D deficiency, combined with a calcium deficiency, can lead to a form of bone softening (osteomalacia) without deformation and to a lack of hardening of the bony matrix which is routinely turned over. Signs of osteomalacia can be: fatigue, weakness, muscle aches, insomnia or pressure sensitivity. These are obstacles in your daily weight-loss programme. Who wants, for example, to go walking in the morning if he is tired and feels weak? You will realize that with an ideal vitamin balance the start in the day will be easier for you. Fresh motivation and new energy make time fly by during walking!

The Weight Loss Bundle contains the following tests:

Determine your results conveniently at home 

How our tests work

Free health advise

Do you still have questions about your test results? We offer free heatlh advice from our nutritionist by telephone— in English. During your 15 minute coaching session, our nutrition expert will explain to you not just what your results mean, but also about health in general, test taking, and answer questions about further tests. Further Information can be sent to you by Email upon request. To book our free health advise please follow the link in your results report.

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