Skinny Protein Mix Powder BIO - 26 servings

The Protein Mix contains only 5 ingredients, has a simple preparation and provides you with all the essential amino acids before, during or after exercise!
  • Form: Powder
  • Content: 400 g (26 servings)
  • Information: 100% vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, additive-free, colourant-free.
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Product information


  • Product features

    The Super Skinny Protein Mix consists of only 5 nutrient-dense, vegan and natural ingredients. Thus, a shake with it also contains all essential amino acids and micronutrients. With this protein powder, the best is obtained from as few ingredients as possible.

  • Storage instructions

    Please store in a cool, light-protected and dry place.

  • Manufacturer

    Your Superfood develops superfood and plant protein blends of the highest quality and with 100% transparency. All ingredients are 100% organic and either naturally dried or freeze-dried after harvest to maintain the highest levels of vitamins and minerals.

  • Country of manufacture

    The skinny Protein MIx helps supply the body with many important and valuable micronutrients and protein.

  • What do I need the product for?

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£32.90 Incl. VAT - Free Shipping
£32.90 Incl. VAT - Free Shipping