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Activate your cerascreen tests, receive your results reports and helpful health tips as well as personalised recommendations directly on your smartphone. “My cerascreen” is the health app for your cerascreen tests. Activate your self-test using the Test ID.

NEW: Revised version, featuring AI nutrition planner, fitness tracker integration, and in-app shop.

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Activate tests + view results

Our app is a fast, convenient, and secure way to activate your tests. You simply enter the test ID from the test kit, and the app guides you through the activation process. You can later view your result reports directly in the app. Depending on the results, you will receive personalized recommendations, including regarding any symptoms you may have indicated during test activation.
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Smart nutrition plans

Our new AI assistant now provides truly personalized nutrition plans for you. The artificial intelligence utilizes information from the test activation and your test results, to create individualized nutrition plans and recipes for you. Additionally, the AI determines which foods are meaningful for you based on your current parameters.
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Integrate your wearable device

You can now also connect fitness watches and other wearable devices with our app. This allows you to track steps, movement, heart rate, sleep data, and more directly in my cerascreen. Currently, this is possible for Fitbit, Oura, and Apple Watch. In the future, we aim to add more providers and connect their data with cerascreen test results to provide you with even more personalized recommendations.
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