Health is that easy!

Health is that easy!

cerascreen® is a young healthcare company based in Hamburg and Schwerin. We develop easy-to-use self-tests for at home and offer selected dietary supplements as well as coaching and courses on all aspects of health, nutrition and fitness.


We at cerascreen® believe that you should have the opportunity to take your health into your own hands: know your own body, acquire knowledge about health, take targeted preventive measures. Everyone should be able to live happily and healthily instead of just reacting to illness.

Health from a single source

We have developed the cerascreen® self-tests that you can carry out quickly and easily at home. The tests are evaluated in a specialist diagnostic laboratory that doctors also work with. You will receive concrete recommendations for your test result to make your everyday life healthier in the long term.


We don't want you to be on your own when it comes to implementing these recommendations. We believe: You benefit the most when healthcare solutions come from a single source. That's why we offer coaching and courses, dietary supplements tested by nutrition experts and healthy food.

Gesund abnehmen und attraktiv fühlen

Our concept

1. Testing

Easy to carry out at home and quick delivery to our partner laboratories.

2. Knowledge

After a few days: Results of your samples in a detailed report with recommendations for action.

3. Act

If necessary, you can now give your body what it is lacking – for example with one of our numerous dietary supplements.

Our successes to date

It all started in 2012, with an idea from founder Olaf Schneider: people should be able to measure their health parameters themselves and thus gain more control over their own health. One of the cornerstones was the cooperation with DST Diagnostic Systems & Technologies from Schwerin. The medical specialist diagnostics laboratory still evaluates cerascreen self-tests to this day. 

250,000 tests

20 countries

We now offer our products in 19 European countries and the USA and carry out more than 250,000 medical tests every year.

In Schwerin and Hamburg, biologists, nutritionists, sports scientists and medical editors work at cerascreen on innovative solutions for your health.