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What is a diagnostic test kit?

A diagnostic test comes in various forms to suit the parameters it aims to measure – be it blood sugar levels, vitamin D levels or cholesterol levels. From blood tests and saliva tests to hydrogen breath tests, a diagnostic test kit is designed to check a variety of health characteristics and provide you with key insights into vital areas of your health. With these insights, you can look into ways to boost your health with medical supervision, a healthy diet, more exercise, dietary supplements – the list goes on!

Can I use a diagnostic test kit at home?

Use cerascreen home health tests to easily determine various laboratory values such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, minerals, intolerances and allergies at home. Included with our blood tests, saliva tests, stool tests and breath tests are an in-depth sample analysis in a specialist diagnostic laboratory and a detailed results report. This results report will provide you with ample information about your values and how to optimise your health even further.

So, how does a cerascreen test work? Once you have placed your order for a health test with us via our website, you will receive the diagnostic test kit within a few working days. Your test kit will come with instructions on how to take a sample – for example, a saliva sample – and how to mail it in to our partner laboratory. After that, all you need to do is wait for a notification to come through that your results report is ready – it’s as simple as that!

Discover our bestselling diagnostic tests 

The topic of health is a broad topic to say the least, so it can be overwhelming to navigate your way around health tests and check-ups. So, where do you start? Our health tests are a great way to get an initial indication of where you’re at healthwise – with your results report, you can visit your doctor to discuss targeted measures to ensure you’re doing your best for your health and fitness. 

Vitamin deficiency tests and nutrient and mineral deficiency tests are excellent starting points when it comes to diagnostic tests. In today’s world, we, unfortunately, don’t recent sufficient nutrients through our diet – whether it’s vitamin B12, zinc, magnesium or omega 3. It is of utmost importance that you steer clear of any nutrient deficiencies that can subsequently lead to health issues further down the line.

To help you stay on track with your nutrient levels, cerascreen has developed a wide array of diagnostic tests, such as the Vitamin B12 Blood Test, Vitamin D Test, Mineral Deficiency Test and Omega-3 Test, which are all blood tests. Our portfolio of vitamin and mineral tests is constantly growing, so keep your eyes peeled for new products!

Suspect you might have an allergy or intolerance? Sometimes, symptoms can be unclear, and as you may already know, allergies are on the rise in the Western world. The causes of this are still unclear and are being investigated by researchers. To help you figure out if you might be sensitive to certain foods or substances, cerascreen offers a wide variety of intolerance tests and home allergy tests to help you get to the bottom of your symptoms. These diagnostic tests come in the form of a specific allergy test – such as the Milk and Egg Allergy Test, which tests for reactions to specific food allergens, or the more extensive Food Intolerance Test and Food Allergy Test.