Research @ cerascreen

Research @ cerascreen

And we keep researching!
We have many years of experience in developing and evaluating tests (DNA, blood, saliva, urine, breath gas, stool). We use this knowledge to better and better link our laboratory diagnostics with products and services that help you and your loved ones to stay healthy.

Our research fields:

  • More than 100 biomarkers, more on the way
  • Epigenetic projects like our Genetic Age Test
  • Genetic predispositions to serious diseases
  • Sequencing of the microbiome
  • Artificial intelligence in healthcare





Artificial intelligence

Scientific studies

We incorporate findings and data from scientific studies.


We feed existing algorithms with measurements (biomarkers) and behavioral data.


We can make preventive health recommendations even more personalized and predictive.

Remedies for aging

1. Testing

Measuring and understanding the epigenetic clock and biological age - as in our Genetic Age Test

2. Knowledge

Search for compounds that reverse DNA methylation and thus human aging - 30 compounds already found

3. Act

Developing drugs and products that halt and reverse aging - pending

Current projects

Upcoming projects

microbiome (intestinal flora)

microbiome (intestinal flora)

We identify microorganisms such as gut bacteria by DNA sequencing.

From the analysis of the microbiome, we derive personalized nutritional recommendations. We use artificial intelligence to optimize our recommendations.


In addition to our projects related to biological age, we research epigenetic predispositions for certain disorders and diseases.


  • Testosterone deficiency
  • Breast cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic disorders
  • You can read a detailed description of our projects in the field of epigenetics and longevity in our white paper.
Contact for research questions:

Contact for research questions:

Dr. Wilfried Blum, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)