Research @ cerascreen

Research @ cerascreen

And we keep researching!
We have many years of experience in developing and evaluating tests (DNA, blood, saliva, urine, breath gas, stool). We use this knowledge to better and better link our laboratory diagnostics with products and services that help you and your loved ones to stay healthy.

Our research fields:

  • More than 100 biomarkers, more on the way
  • Epigenetic projects like our Genetic Age Test
  • Genetic predispositions to serious diseases
  • Sequencing of the microbiome
  • Artificial intelligence in healthcare
Research @ cerascreen

A partnership with cerascreen enables:

  • Support for preclinical studies
  • Efficient recruitment of subjects in studies → Pre-screen with cerascreen
  • Identification of genetic and epigenetic factors for therapies (responder vs. non-responder) and diseases (diagnosis)
  • Creation of product-related health claims through studies
  • Development of preventive concepts for health insurance companies
  • Collaboration with leading telemedicine providers in Europe

Focus of our scientific work

Focus of our scientific work

Our epigenetic research projects are:

  • Age and longevity (Patent WO2020074533A1)
  • Obesity (patent pending)
  • Early detection of cancer
Contact for research questions:

You can directly request a detailed description of our projects in the field of epigenetics and longevity.

Contact for research questions:

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Sales Manager Scientific Services
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