The cerascreen® concept

Our concept

1. Test

Use the cerascreen® health test kits conveniently and discretely at home to learn what your body needs and what harms it.

2. React

Receive your individual and detailed test result and benefit from exclusive advice given from nutritional experts.

3. Optimize

In addition to extensive information, the results report provides you with individual and actionable recommendations as well as suitable nutritional supplements.


With the cerascreen® sample taking and send-in test kits, you can learn about intolerances, your supply of nutrients, the levels of various hormones, and more. 

You can easily carry out the tests yourself. Simply take a small amount of blood, saliva, urine, breath, or stool at home. Then you send the sample for analysis to our medical partner laboratory with which doctors also work.

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Log in to my cerascreen® app or in our secure online customer area to access the analysis of your sample after the laboratory analysis. A personal results report tells you the values measured and what the results mean.


You can find additional knowledge about health topics in our health portal. Experienced medical editors and nutritionists write scientifically based articles about health and nutrition. From health-related articles, you can learn more about our products that are based on scientific studies and our many years of experience.


You are not alone with your test results: feel free to contact our experts with questions or book nutritional coaching that you can book in our webshop. In addition, you will find a wide range of high-quality nutritional supplements, healthy food, and other products for your health - all hand-picked by our nutrition professionals.  


Take your health into your own hands - and start your new, healthy life.

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