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Taking a home health testing kit

Taking a home health test is easier than ever. Collect a small blood, saliva, urine or breathing gas sample easily at home and have it analysed by modern medical laboratories. With home health tests you can, for example, have your vitamin levels determined using our vitamin deficiency tests. You can also detect a mineral or nutrient deficiency at an early stage and identify physical symptoms using hormone tests, allergy tests or intolerance tests.

The laboratories that analyse such home health tests are often the same as those that perform analyses for medical surgeries and other medical institutions. In some cases, they are also active in research and involved in the development of innovative testing methods. The big difference is that with a home health test, you decide when and where you want to perform the test – without having to wait at the doctor’s or making appointments. 

Home health tests from cerascreen®

For the cerascreen® home health tests, you simply collect a small sample at home or on the move using the test kit we provide you with. The type of sample depends on the test you wish to take: whether it’s a blood test, a saliva test, a urine test or a hydrogen breath test. Do not worry! Blood tests only require a very small sample amount. Instead of a syringe to collect the blood sample, just a small finger prick is needed to extract blood.

After you’ve collected the sample needed, send in the sample to our medical laboratory by using the free return envelope enclosed with our home health testing kits. The medical laboratory will analyse your sample for the relevant parameters. Following the analysis, you will receive a detailed results report, which provides you with your results, explains the results and offers personal recommendations for action, based on your result.

What can I measure with home health testing kits?

The cerascreen® home health testing kits include the Vitamin D Blood Test and the Vitamin B12 Test – both are important vitamins that many people are deficient in. Our Mineral Deficiency Test checks the concentration of the minerals zinc, magnesium and selenium, which are vital for muscle growth and the immune system. Another important nutrient level that can be investigated with our home health tests is the fatty acid omega 3.

One of our bestselling home health testing kits is the Food Intolerance & Food Allergy Test, which screens for the concentration of specific IgE antibodies to 24 different foods and the concentration of specific IgG4 antibodies to 38 different foods. Such blood tests serve as a great initial indication of foods you may not be able to tolerate. With the results from this test, you can then go on to talk to a doctor or nutritionist about your food allergy or intolerance!

There are also numerous other home health testing kits to tests various deficiencies, such as iron and iodine. If you want to look at your cardiovascular health in more detail, you can check your cholesterol levels or take our Long Term Blood Sugar Test, a home health test used to assess your risk of diabetes.

Finally, a new addition to our collection of home health testing kits is the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Antibody Test, which works by measuring the presence of IgG antibodies. From this Covid-19 antibody analysis, it is possible to conclude that a SARS-CoV-2 infection has subsided – whether the infection was recent or some time ago. In contrast, IgM and IgA antibodies seem to be detectable only for a very short period of time.