Could your immune system be deficient? Test it from the safety of your home.
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Vitamin D deficiency: symptoms, causes and treatment
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Home Health Tests by cerascreen®

Get to know your body better with the cerascreen® health tests 

Order reliable medical health tests that offer a simple sample taking at home. Send your sample free of charge to our certified partner laboratories and receive your individual results report within days, together with personalized recommendations for action.

Now available, the cerascreen® Immune System Test

How is your immune system doing? The cerascreen® Immune System Test measures the number of five different types of lymphocytes in your blood. Lymphocytes are a subgroup of white blood cells and play an important role in the immune system. Such an analysis is particularly of importance within the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Health Tests Recommended by Experts

Home Food Intolerance Test Kit | cerascreen®
- 17%

Food Intolerance Test & Food Allergy Test

Food Allergen Test for IgE and IgG4 Antibodies

£119.00 Sale price £99.00

Cerascreen - Vitamin D Test Kit
- 13%

Vitamin D Test

Measure vitamin d levels (25-OH-D3) 

£45.00 Sale price £39.00

Covid Antibody Test
- 13%

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Antibody Test

SARS-CoV-2 antibodies

£79.00 Sale price £69.00

cerascreen - Omega 3 deficiency test
- 11%

Omega-3 Test

Screen for an omega-3 deficiency

£89.00 Sale price £79.00

Health as a One-Stop-Solution

Health + Wellbeing From One Single Source

At cerascreen®, the market leader for at-home medical sample taking and send-in kits, we believe everybody should be able to take their health + wellbeing into their own hands.

Test: Take the sample taking and send-in test kits conveniently and discretely at home to learn what your body needs and what harms it.

React: Receive your individual and detailed test result and benefit from exclusive advice given from nutritional experts.

Optimize: In addition to extensive information, the results report provides you with individual and actionable recommendations as well as suitable nutritional supplements.

Home Health Checks with cerascreen®

Diagnosis, Advice + Aftercare

Take your health into you own hands. With the cerascreen® health tests you can examine nutritional deficiencies, allergies and intolerance, arrange a consultation with a nutritional experts and order high quality supplements according to your individual test result.

Many Years of Experience + Dedication

Place your trust in our many years of experience! cerascreen® has been there for you for over 9 years and currently serves customers in 20 different countries. Our labs successfully analyse more than 250,000 self-tests every year, and our medical experts and editors have incorporated around 8,000 studies into our products.

Certified Expertise in Private Health Checks

The cerascreen® health tests are based on long-standing experiences in DST human diagnostic. Our strong partners include professional athletes, health insurance companies, medical doctors, universities and the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology.

Protection of Data + Privacy

Carry out health tests wherever you wish - discretely and conveniently. The samples are always sent anonymously and will be professionally destroyed after the evaluation in the laboratory. Be assured that we treat all data collected confidentially and do not pass it on to third parties without your consent.

Nutritional Supplements

Braineffect Sleep Melatonin Spray - 30ml

Braineffect Sleep Melatonin Spray - 30ml


Regular price £16.90

Vivo Life Omega 3 Vegan - 60ml

Vivo Life Omega 3 Vegan - 60ml

Vivo Life

Regular price £27.25

KoRo Vitamin D3 Oil 1000 IU - 50 ml

KoRo Vitamin D3 Oil 1000 IU - 50 ml

Koro Drogerie

Regular price £14.90

ahead protect

ahead protect


Regular price £27.50

cerascreen® Health Portal

Coaching from Nutritional Experts

Your individual results report reveals meaningful insights and actionable recommendations regarding your personal health. If you wish to receive further information or have questions, we can offer you a consultation with our partner nutritionist free of charge. During this 15-minute phone call, a nutritional expert explains the results of your home health test and gives you advice about health and well-being. To make use of this exclusive offer, simply follow the link in your results report.