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  • DNA Bonus Package
  • DNA Bonus Package
  • DNA Bonus Package
  • DNA Bonus Package
  • DNA Bonus Package

DNA Bonus Package

Order more DNA tests with your saliva sample analysis now

If you have already taken one of the five cerascreen® DNA tests, we can perform further DNA tests with your saliva sample. Find out even more about your genes – and thus what you can do to boost your health even further!

You will then receive a results report for one or more DNA tests from our range of products – without having to collect further samples and at an impressive price!

You can order the following tests in addition to your DNA test: 
  • DNA Fitness Test
  • DNA Skin Test
  • DNA Heart Health Test
  • DNA Metabolism Test
  • DNA Vitamin Metabolism Test

Please note: This offer is an additional product that you can only claim if you have already purchased one of the tests mentioned above. Select the additional product you would like to book in the following menu:

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Here’s how to order our Bonus Package

Our DNA Bonus Packages

DNA Metabolism Test

Do you tend to be overweight? Do you get full quickly? Which sport is right for your body? Your DNA can provide clues to all these questions! Scientists have identified certain gene variants that are linked to metabolism, your sense of feeling full and muscles, among other things.

With the cerascreen® DNA Metabolism Test, your saliva can be tested for eight different gene variants. In the results report, you will then find out whether you have a tendency to be overweight, how sensitive your body is to saturated fatty acids, how intense your feeling of fullness is after meals, and which is the dominant muscle fibre type in your body.

With these genetic insights, you can kick-start measures to improve your health!

DNA Fitness Test

Every person brings along with them their own prerequisites for sports and fitness. How good your endurance level is, how precisely your muscle fibres work, to which extent intense training burdens your body with oxidative stress and bone loss - these and many other factors are partially determined by your genes.

With the cerascreen® DNA Fitness Test, a medical laboratory analyses six gene variants found in your saliva sample. The analysis will provide you with indications of how prominent these predispositions are in your DNA. With these results, you can  perfectly and effectively tailor your personal workout regime and diet to your DNA.

This way, you can help optimise your performance and reduce risks of overwhelming your body with intensive workouts .

DNA Skin Test

The appearance of our skin is influenced by numerous factors: by external influences such as sun and humidity, but also by diet, lifestyle and, last but not least, genes. If you know your skin’s individual risks and prerequisites, you can take the right measures and improve the appearance of your skin, specifically optimise your skin health and slow down the rate at which your skin ages.

This is where the cerascreen® DNA Skin Test can help you. Our DNA analysis will give you clues as to how prone you are to oxidative stress, collagen degradation and sun sensitivity.

DNA Heart Health Test

 Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common health problems and causes of death. Lifestyle and diet play a major role in blood vessel and heart health - but your genetic predisposition also plays a part in determining your personal risks!

 Der cerascreen® DNA Hearth Health Test provides you with indications and insights into your risks of developing cardiovascular problems. Among other things, genes will be investigated within the sample you provide that are linked to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels and inflammation of the heart and blood vessels.

DNA Vitamin Metabolism Test

The right diet is something that is totally individual! Everyone has a slightly different requirement when it comes to vitamin, mineral and nutrient intake - and meeting these requirements is important for your health, well-being and performance.

The cerascreen® DNA Vitamin Metabolism Test tells you more about your individual micronutrient requirements based on a DNA analysis. You will receive indications as to whether you have a genetically determined increased requirement for antioxidants, vitamin B12 and folic acid, vitamin D and calcium, iron or unsaturated fatty acids.

Important questions about the test

  • When can I order the DNA Bonus Package?

    This offer is valid for customers who have already purchased one of the five DNA tests from cerascreen®. If you are one of these people, you can buy additional DNA tests at a significantly reduced price.


    Our medical partner laboratory will analyse the data from the same sample that you took for the original DNA test you ordered.

    The following tests can be combined with each other via our DNA Bonus Package:

    • DNA Metabolism Test
    • DNA Fitness Test
    • DNA Skin Test
    • DNA Heart Health Test
    • DNA Vitamin Metabolism Test
  • How do I order the DNA Bonus Package?

    Simply purchase one of the bonus packages. You will then receive an email with a test ID that you can activate via your my cerascreen user account or the my cerascreen app. That’s all you need to do - as soon as the sample has been analysed, you will automatically receive your personal results report.

    If you want to book several bonus DNA tests, that’s not a problem: simply add as many of the bonus packages to your shopping basket as you like, as if you are buying multiple products. The tests can then all be carried out using the analysis of your original saliva sample.

  • How long after the first booked DNA test can I use the bonus package?

    You can actually book the DNA Bonus Packages at any time! Our partner laboratory records the gene variants relevant to the tests for all DNA saliva samples. The data can then be investigated for further analyses later on.

    Have you already purchased one of our DNA tests? You can purchase the bonus packages and discover even more about your genetic background.

  • What does the results report tell me?

    For each bonus package you order, you will receive a separate results report. The report will give you clear and understandable results.

    For the DNA tests, our partner laboratory analyses very specific genes in each sample and searches for variations to these genes. The results give you an indication as to whether you have certain tendencies or not - these could be, for example, risks of developing certain diseases, increased nutritional requirements or sports that are particularly suitable for you.

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From £50.00 Incl. VAT - Free Shipping