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Hba1c Test – Long Term Blood Sugar Test

Perform an hba1c test at home

Sugar is a source of energy for the body. It is transported through the blood to all organs. In the process, the sugar glucose sticks to the blood pigment haemoglobin, resulting in haemoglobin A1C (HbA1c). For people with diabetes, there is too much hbA1c in the blood in the long term – which is why the long-term blood sugar HbA1c is considered an important tool to measure your risk of developing diabetes.

With the cerascreen® Long Term Blood Sugar Test (hbA1c), an hba1c home test kit, you can find out your hbA1c value – that is, the degree of saccharification of the red blood cells in your capillary blood. This value indicates your average blood glucose levels over the last three months. The value is considered an indication of possible pre-diabetes or diabetes.

  • Take a sample comfortably and easily at home
  • Receive an analysis from a medical diagnostics laboratory
  • Gain insights into your risk of developing diabetes with your hbA1c value
  • Save time: no doctor’s surgery, no waiting time
  • Enjoy recommendations that are easy to implement
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Information about the hba1c home test kit

Advantages of the hba1c testing kit

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Your blood glucose value is not something you can sense – it can often be too high for a long time and go unnoticed. In order to assess your blood sugar, the long-term blood sugar value (hbA1c) is considered reliable. With an hbA1c value, you can better assess your diabetes risk and, if necessary, take countermeasures at an early stage.

For the cerascreen® Long Term Blood Sugar Test, you do not have to visit a doctor’s office and do not have to wait. With a small finger prick, you collect a few drops of blood at home and send your sample. The sample analysis is then carried out by experts in a medical laboratory.

Benefit from our expertise: cerascreen® is the market leader for medical sample collection and sending kits in Europe, with eight years of experience in the development and evaluation of tests. We have developed more than 50 approved send-in test kits (medical devices), evaluated 250,000 samples and supply 19 countries.

Your results report of the Long Term Blood Sugar Test

As soon as your sample has been analysed, you will receive your results report via the my cerascreen® app or your user account on our website. You can easily view the report on your smartphone, tablet or computer, and print it out, if required.

Learn whether your hbA1c long-term blood glucose is optimal in the laboratory analysis. Learn how you can improve your values and when you should see a doctor through concrete recommendations for action. We also provide health information to help you learn why blood glucose levels are important for health and what they have to do with diabetes.

View sample report

Frequently asked questions about our hba1c testing kit

  • Why test long-term blood sugar?

    Today’s eating and drinking habits and the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes contribute to more and more cases of obesity and the development of type 2 diabetes. For people with diabetes, blood sugar is permanently elevated. With an hbA1c value, you can determine your average blood sugar over the last three months.

    If you are aware of elevated blood sugar levels early on, you can also take countermeasures at an early stage. You can then change your diet and incorporate more exercise into your daily routine.

  • How does the hba1c test work?

    For the hbA1c test kit, you take a small blood sample from your fingertip using a lancet. The sample is sent to a specialised laboratory in a tube via a return envelope. The laboratory analyses the proportion of haemoglobin A1c (hbA1c) in the total haemoglobin and thus the degree of saccharification of your blood.

  • What will the test results tell me?

    The Long Term Blood Sugar Test tells you how much hbA1c is in your blood. From this, you can determine your average blood glucose level over the last three months.

    Your value falls into one of three result ranges:

    Less than 5.7 per cent: Your blood glucose is within the normal range.
    5.7 to 6.5 per cent: You are in the grey range and should discuss your risk of diabetes with a doctor.
    More than 6.5 per cent: Your blood glucose level is elevated and you should definitely consult a doctor about your risk of developing diabetes.

  • What kind of recommendations will I get?

    The results report provides you with tips on how to counteract high blood sugar levels and thus the risk of developing diabetes.

    For example, you should regularly check your hbA1c value, reduce excess weight, avoid sugar in your diet as much as possible and also reduce your stress levels.

    If you suspect you have diabetes or are at high risk of developing diabetes, you should also consult a doctor.

  • What is hba1c?

    Haemoglobin is the red blood pigment that serves as an oxygen transporter in human blood. Residues of glucose, the sugar in the blood, remain attached to haemoglobin for at least 30 days. Experts call this mixture of blood pigment and glucose haemoglobin A1c or hbA1c.

    In a blood sample, it is possible to determine how much hbA1c is present in the blood and what proportion of the total haemoglobin is hbA1c. The percentage indicating this proportion is the hbA1c value, also called long-term blood sugar or degree of saccharification of the blood.

  • What are the symptoms of high blood sugar?

    The symptoms of high blood sugar are often relatively vague and difficult to recognise. People often get used to the blood sugar fluctuations until they no longer notice the consequences. This is also often the case if you already have type 2 diabetes.

    Nevertheless, there are some typical symptoms of hyperglycaemia:

    Increased urge to urinate
    A strong feeling of thirst

  • What are the signs of low blood sugar?

    Blood sugar levels that are too low can also be problematic – the blood cannot flush enough glucose through the body, resulting in a lack of energy in the brain, among other things. This can occur due to stress, extreme physical strain and alcohol consumption. Strict fasting can also lower blood sugar too much, especially in type 1 diabetics.

    Possible symptoms of hypoglycaemia:

    Weak knees
    Racing heart, heavy sweating, chills
    Ravenous appetite
    Tiredness and difficulty concentrating
    Confusion and anxiety attacks

  • Why is blood sugar important?

    Blood sugar is an important part of our energy metabolism. The sugar glucose provides energy that our body needs to function. Glucose reaches the brain via our blood, for example.

    The hormone insulin plays an important role in this process. It controls how much sugar from the blood reaches the body’s cells. In this way, it also regulates our blood sugar levels and ensures that the value is always within the normal range in healthy people. If there is too little insulin in the body, the blood sugar rises.

  • For whom is the hba1c home test kit not suitable?

    The cerascreen® Long Term Blood Sugar Test is not suitable for or is only partially suitable for certain groups of people:

    • People with infectious diseases, like hepatitis, are not allowed to take the Long Term Blood Sugar Test.
    • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should only carry out the hba1c test under medical supervision. The given reference ranges and recommendations do not apply to people in this group; consult your medical professional for advice concerning your test results
    • The Long Term Blood Sugar Test is not intended for thoseunder the age of 18

    The test is not designed for diagnosing serious illnesses. For example, if you suffer from severe depression or extreme pain, contact a doctor.

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