Improve Fitness

Improve Fitness

Test Kit Bundle

Fitness enthusiasts have long been aware that athleticism is not just a result of exercise. Nutrients, sleep, choosing the right type of exercise - there are numerous factors that influence your athletic performance. These include your genetics, which determine your athletic potential, endurance type and muscle fibre (twitch) type. Relevant is also your intake of amino acids, which are crucial for your muscle strength.

The Improve Fitness Test Bundle consists of two cerascreen® health tests that will help you improve your fitness and athletic performance: the Amino Acid Test and the DNA Fitness Test.
  • Convenient and easy sample taking from home (saliva + blood sample)
  • Save time: no doctors appointment, no waiting time
  • Tips and recommendations based on your genetics about fitness and your supply of amino acids.
  • Receive your result within 2 weeks after samples arrived in the laboratory
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cerascreen® Improve Fitness Test Bundle

DNA Fitness Test

Every person brings their own set of pre-requisites for sport and fitness. How much endurance you have, how exactly your muscle fibres function, how much intense training causes oxidative stress and bone loss to your body - these and many other factors are influenced by your genetics.

For the cerascreen® DNA Fitness Test, a specialised medical laboratory analyses six gene variants in a saliva sample. The analysis provides you with information about your predispositions. With this information, you can adapt your individual training programme and diet to your DNA - and find the fitness routine that suits you best.

This way you can help optimise your performance and reduce risks of intensive training.

Amino Acid Test

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins. Like all living beings, humans need amino acids for important tasks in their bodies - from hormone production, to immune system and muscle development.

Some of the amino acids, namely the essential amino acids, must be obtained via high-protein foods. However, not all people have the same amino acid requirements. It can happen that the muscles are heavily used in intensive sports and therefore require more of them. A vegetarian or vegan diet can also make the amino acid supply more difficult.

With the cerascreen® Amino Acid Test you can assess your supply of 26 different amino acids in your body - and receive tips on how to optimise your intake.

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£139.00 Incl. VAT - Free Shipping
£139.00 Incl. VAT - Free Shipping