Cortisol Test (stress hormone)

  • Cortisol Test (stress hormone)
  • Cortisol Test (stress hormone)
  • Cortisol Test (stress hormone)
  • Cortisol Test (stress hormone)

Cortisol Test (stress hormone)

Cortisol is the stress hormone. It plays a role in the metabolism of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. It increases blood sugar levels and regulates your immune system and blood pressure.

Simply order the saliva test to your home and receive a detailed results report individually tailored to your health needs.

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Determine the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol conveniently at home

Determine the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol conveniently at home

Due to current lifestyles increasing levels of professional and personal stress, cortisol levels are often not within the normal range. In addition, various medical conditions and medication can lead to deviations in cortisol levels. Most of the cortisol in the blood is bound. Around one to three per cent is in non-bound form. It is only this free cortisol that is the active form. It is emitted into the saliva, where it can be measured. Because cortisol values change due to stress, sampling saliva at home represents the least stressful way of obtaining this measurement.

Cortisol is particularly important for the body, as is shown by the fact that a breakdown in cortisol secretion can be life-threatening. Cortisol is formed in the adrenal cortex and has a wide-ranging effect on the body. When it comes to your metabolism, cortisol has a particularly significant effect on carbohydrate balance, fat metabolism and protein utilisation. It also has inflammation-reducing and immunosuppressive (insulating) effects.

What is the relationship between cortisol and stress?

Alongside noradrenaline and adrenaline – the catecholamines – cortisol is the most important stress hormone. In stressful situations, a marked increase in cortisol production occurs. The cortisol system reacts sluggishly, in contrast to the catecholamine system, which reacts straight away but subsides again quickly.

The catecholamine stress reaction is characterised by the contraction of vessels of the skin and the intestine and, in vascular dilation, in the muscles. In addition, the redistribution of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood aids any possible muscular effort relating to evolutionary fight or flight responses. Catecholamine’s effects are only possible because of the role played by cortisol.

Regulation of the hormone happens via the so-called endocrine stress axis, the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis. During this process, an antagonist will restore the hormone level balance as soon as fluctuations occur. If this reaction mechanism is impaired in one of the organs involved or disturbed by long-term stress, control of the physiological cortisol level is lost.

In cerascreen’s test kit, you will find an example of a daily saliva cortisol profile within a normal range. In the case of burnout syndrome, the average cortisol level is below the normal range, but becomes abnormally high in the event of acute and chronic stress. This is shown in Figure 2, in which an example of a daily cortisol rhythm is modeled for various stress situations.

Please note that some drugs (for example, hormone preparations) might influence the test result. For more information, please consult the FAQs.

Note: The referenced values in the report refer to adults.

Your personal test results

Sample Report

As soon as your sample has been analysed, you will be able to view your individual results report in the My cerascreen® mobile app or by logging in on our website, where you can also print the report.

Laboratory analysis results: You will find out the cortisol concentration in your saliva.

Individualised practical recommendations: You will learn how to regulate your cortisol levels and stress levels through your lifestyle.

Important health information: Learn how the stress hormone works in the body.

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How the cortisol test works

Certified, reliable and accurate

cerascreen laboratory

We focus on delivering trustworthy and accurate results by working with the best accredited and certified laboratories that regularly participate in interlaboratory proficiency testing. Our goal is to always ensure a high level of quality and competency. All our partners are laboratories that provide extensive experience and are trusted as well as utilised by physicians all across Europe. Our set-up of using anonymous test IDs ensures maximum data protection and privacy.

We use the highest certification standards for quality management:

  • ISO 9001
  • EN ISO 13485
  • Interlaboratory proficiency testing

The stress hormone (cortisol) test kit consists of

  • Several pages of illustrated instructions, explaining step by step how a saliva sample is taken and how the test is performed
  • Activation card with test ID for registration
  • Seven saliva test tubes, seven straws, transport test tubes
  • Prepaid return mailing envelope, which you can use to send your saliva sample back to the laboratory free of charge using Royal Mail

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