Testosterone Test

Testosterone Test

Lethargy, fatigue, reduced muscle mass and reduced libido these can be the unpleasant consequences of a low testosterone level. Testosterone is the main male sexual hormone which regulates muscle growth and physical fitness.

Testosterone levels are highest in early adulthood and slowly decrease after the age of 30, which is due to a natural change of the blood levels. According to studies, testosterone decreases by one percent every year. You should therefore keep an eye on your testosterone levels.

Simply order the test to your home and receive a detailed results report personalised to address your health needs.

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Determine your testosterone level conveniently at home 

Determine your concentration of the steroid hormone testosterone conveniently at home

Certain life stages, underlying diseases and medication can lead to a change in testosterone levels. Regular testing of your testosterone level is therefore important. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone (androgen), however women also produce low amounts of testosterone. In men, it is produced in the Leydig cells of the testes. In women, it is produced in the Theka cells of the ovaries. In addition, a small amount of production takes place in the adrenal cortex in both sexes. The release of testosterone is controlled by what is known as the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal hormone axis. This testosterone is formed from cholesterol.

Please note that some drugs (e.g. hormone preparations) might influence the test result. For more information, please consult the FAQ.

Your personal test results

Sample Report

As soon as your sample has been evaluated, you will be able to view your individual results report in the my cerascreen® mobile app or our secure online customer area where you can also print the report.

Result of laboratory analysis: You will learn the values of your testosterone levels

Individualised practical recommendations: You will learn how to normalize your testosterone level.

Important health information: You'll get tips on nutrition and exercise, as well as the correlation between testosterone, vitamins and minerals.

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How the testosterone test works 

Certified, reliable and accurate

cerascreen laboratory

We focus on delivering trustworthy and accurate results by working with the best accredited and certified laboratories that regularly participate in interlaboratory proficiency testing. Our goal is to always ensure a high level of quality and competency. All our partners are laboratories that provide extensive experience and are trusted as well as utilised by physicians all across Europe. Our setup of using anonymous Test-IDs ensures maximum data protection and privacy.

We use the highest certification standards for quality management:

  • ISO 9001
  • EN ISO 13485
  • Interlaboratory proficiency testing

The testosterone test kit consists of

  • Several pages of illustrated instructions, explaining step by step how asaliva sample is taken and how the test is performed
  • Activation card with test ID for registration
  • 2 saliva test tubes, 2 straws, transport tubes
  • Pre-addressed and pre-paid return mailing envelope, which you can use to send your blood sample back to our laboratory free of charge using Royal Mail

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