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Testosterone Test
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Testosterone Test

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About the test

Lethargy, fatigue, reduced muscle mass and reduced libido – these can be the unpleasant consequences of low testosterone levels. Testosterone is the main male sexual hormone which regulates muscle growth and physical fitness.

Do you want to know how high or low your levels of this important sex hormone are? With the cerascreen® Testosterone Test you can determine the testosterone levels in your saliva. This allows you to detect a testosterone deficiency or surplus and take targeted countermeasures through your diet and lifestyle.

Testosterone levels are highest in early adulthood and slowly decrease after the age of 30, which is due to a natural change of the blood levels. According to studies, testosterone decreases by one per cent every year. You should therefore keep an eye on your testosterone levels.

Testosterone Test

  • Take a sample comfortably and easily at home
  • Receive an analysis from a medical diagnostics laboratory
  • Save time: no doctor's surgery, no waiting time
  • Enjoy recommendations that are easy to implement
  • Receive the result within a few days after your sample’s arrival at the laboratory

Symptoms of abnormal testosterone levels

Testosterone deficiency:

A testosterone deficiency for example, leads to fatigue and lack of energy in some cases and can lead to contribute to the fact that those affected gain weight and have an increased perception of pain.

Testosterone excess:

An excess of testosterone can also cause discomfort especially in women. Then it comes to the Example of a deeper voice and more hair growth on the body.


Benefits of the Testosterone Test

Certain stages in life, underlying diseases and medication can lead to a change in testosterone levels. Regular testing of your testosterone levels is therefore important. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone (androgen); however, women also produce low amounts of testosterone.

In men, it is produced in the Leydig cells of the testes. In women, it is produced in the theca cells of the ovaries. In addition, a small amount of testosterone is produced in the adrenal cortex in both men and women. The release of testosterone is controlled by what is known as the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal hormone axis. This testosterone is formed from cholesterol.

A test will tell you whether you have too much or too little testosterone in your body. With changes to your lifestyle and diet, you can then optimise your values in a targeted way. This way, you can go through the day in a better mood and fitter and prevent illnesses.

The cerascreen® Testosterone Test is carried out by a specialised medical laboratory, without you needing to wait around at the doctor’s surgery. You can take your sample discreetly and conveniently at home. A professional analysis is carried out by our medical partner laboratory.

You benefit from our expertise: cerascreen® is the market leader for medical sampling and submission kits in Europe, with eight years of experience in test development and evaluation. We have developed more than 50 approved submission kits (medical devices), evaluate more than 150,000 samples every year and supply 19 countries in Europe that some drugs (for example, hormone preparations) might influence the test results. For more information, please consult our FAQs.

Results Testosterone Test

Result of the Testosterone Test

As soon as your sample has been analysed, you will be able to view your individual results report in the My cerascreen® mobile app or by logging in on our website, where you can also print the report. 

The laboratory analysis determines your testosterone levels through your personal results report. Receive individualised practical recommendations on how to normalise your testosterone levels and discover important health information. You'll get tips on nutrition and exercise, as well as the correlation between testosterone, vitamins and minerals.


Frequently asked questions about Testosterone Test

Why test for testosterone?

With a testosterone test kit you can find out whether your hormone levels are within a range that is normal for your gender and age group. For 40 per cent of men over 40, for example, this is not the case – their levels are too low. Testosterone deficiency can lead to a decrease in performance, as well as fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, hair loss and erectile dysfunction.

  • And too little testosterone is also found in younger people, for example as a result of obesity, medication and severe stress. So,if you feel weak and tired, gain weight for no apparent reason or even lose your hair, there may be a hormone imbalance behind it. A testosterone test will tell you how your sex hormone levels are. Forathletes, testosterone levels in the higher normal range are useful, as the hormone contributes significantly to muscles growth and physical performance.

What is testosterone?

  • Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone. It is also found in smaller quantities in women. Men produce 90 per cent of their testosterone in their testicles, while women produce testosterone in their ovaries – and in both sexes it is also produced in the adrenal cortex. Like many other hormones, testosterone levels fluctuate constantly. The natural range of testosterone concentration in saliva is between 6.1 and 230.9 pictograms per millilitre in men and between 3.1 and 50.2 pictograms per millilitre in women.

How does the Testosterone Test work?

With the help of a small straw, which is included in the test kit, collect your saliva in a sample tube. Fill three tubes over the course of a day. Then send the three samples in the return envelope to a specialised laboratory. Note: You should do the test when you are healthy. Infections such as a cold or flu can falsify the results, as can alcohol consumption. Certain medicines and medicinal plants also influence the values. You can find more information on the interaction of medicines and test results here in our FAQ.

What will the testosterone test results tell me?

You will find out how high your morning testosterone levels are and whether the values are within the recommended reference range. If the values are above or below this, it is an indication of excess testosterone levels or testosterone deficiency.

What kind of recommendations will I get?

In the results report, you will find a number of recommendations that you can use to optimise your testosterone levels. Among other things, you will receive tips on diet and exercise as well as how testosterone levels are linked with vitamins and minerals. These recommendations can help you bring your testosterone levels into the optimal range.

Why do I need testosterone?

Testosterone is a sex hormone responsible for the formation of sperm and sexual libido in men. It also ensures that a foetus develops male genitals in the womb. The hormone has various other functions in men and women alike: - Building muscle mass - Body hair - Bone stability and growth - Blood formation

What happens when you have testosterone deficiency?

Testosterone levels naturally decrease with age, especially in men. But at all ages, levels can be too low.

  • Possible causes are obesity, chronic stress, alcohol abuse and diseases such as Addison's disease. In women, hormonal changes occurring during menopause sometimes also disrupt testosterone levels. About one in ten men over 50 also suffers from age-related testosterone deficiency, which is called male menopause or andropause. A testosterone deficiency can lead, among other things, to a reduction in muscle strength and physical performance , more stomach fat , hair loss and erectile dysfunction .

How can I treat testosterone deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency can be tackled with the following measures, for example:- Get enough sleep and exercise, especially through strength training- Reduce excess weight- Optimise your vitamin D and magnesium, selenium and zinc intake

What if my testosterone levels are too high?

If your testosterone levels clearly exceed normal values, this is usually an indication of external influences or diseases. Injections and tablets containing testosterone could lead to an excess of testosterone – for example, doping agents. Cushing’s disease, which is associated with increased cortisol levels, can also lead to excess testosterone, as can cancers of the ovaries or testicles.In women, too much testosterone promotes, among other things, menstrual disorders, increased body hair and hair loss (on the head) and a deeper voice.In men, excess testosterone can reduce fertility – even to the point of impotence – and lead to acne, hair loss, shrunken testicles and prostate enlargement.In the case of excess testosterone, it is usually necessary to treat the underlying disease.

Who should NOT take the Testosterone Test?

The cerascreen® Testosterone Test is not suitable for or is only partially suitable for certain groups of people:- People with infectious diseases, like hepatitis and HIV, may not take the Testosterone Test.- Pregnant and breastfeeding women should only take the Testosterone Test under medical supervision. The given reference ranges and recommendations do not apply for people in this group; consult your medical professional for advice concerning your test results.- The Testosterone Test is not intended for children under the age of 18.The test is not intended for diagnosing diseases. For example, if you suffer from severe depression or extreme pain, consult a doctor.

Why are children under 18 not allowed to take the test?

Our tests are not suitable for underage children and adolescents under the age of 18. Under 18s cannot activate the tests online and therefore cannot receive a test result. We ask that you do not administer the tests to your children either.

Children and adolescents need much closer supervision and counselling regarding medical tests and their interpretation. Testing with lancets and chemicals is not without risk and would need to be closely supervised by guardians. In addition, the reference values we give are always based on adult data. In the case of children, the risk of misinterpreting the results would be very high.

We want to fulfil our responsibility as a provider of medical products and ensure that children and adolescents are not unsettled by measurement results that are difficult for them to interpret. Since we cannot control whether the minors' legal guardians actually consent to the test being carried out and supervise them, we exclude tests for under 18s altogether.

If you are under 18 and have purchased a test, please contact our customer support.

Why does it take up to a week for the sample to reach the lab?


Please bear in mind that your results will not be analyzed in the UK but in Germany. For that reason, it can take up to a week for the sample to arrive at the lab. This does not affect the stability of the samples, as the method we are using is optimized for long transports.

Initially, your sample is sent to our collection center in the UK. From there, it is shipped to our central sample sorting facility in Germany, which then distributes samples to our partner laboratories. Once your sample is analyzed there, you will receive a notification and can access your result online.

Please check your mailbox regularly. We will notify you as soon as your sample is sent, arrives, or is analyzed.

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This is how it works

1. Test at home

Your test kit contains everything you need to take a small saliva sample. Then send the sample back to us free of charge in the enclosed return envelope.

2. View results online

After the evaluation in the medical specialist laboratory, you will have online access to your personal result report.

3. Act

Your access to the test results and the evidence-based findings and tips to improve your health: the my cerascreen® user profile on our website or our app.

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