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Healthy foods + snacks

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Today, those who want a healthy diet opt for fresh food that is as natural as possible. At the same time, we in the Western world are increasingly turning to snacks: snacks now account for as much as one-third of our calorie intake. But these snacks are not necessarily unhealthy – if you need a quick boost of energy between meetings at the office, or if you have to skip lunch between appointments, healthy snacks are actually the ideal complement to balanced meals.

Everyone needs a snack between meals or on the go. If it’s something healthy, like our healthy snacks collection, then all the better. You’ll find nuts, dried fruit, protein and chocolate bars, among other things. These healthy snacks contain protein and amino acids, fibre, healthy fats and other valuable nutrients.

How do I know which snacks are healthy?

The range of snacks out there is ever-growing – so, it helps if you know what constitutes a healthy snack when you’re out shopping. Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply want to eat healthily, you should pay attention to the list of ingredients in industrially processed foods.

The rule of thumb is that the shorter the list, the more natural it is. Another sign of quality is trustworthy organic labels. At cerascreen®, you can guarantee that our snacks are healthy. Our assortment is hand-picked and offers you nutrient-rich foods. You will find dried fruits and nuts as well as chocolate and fitness bars with high-quality raw materials, many of which are organically sourced.

Tip: The best snacks for when you are on the go are pocket-sized, have no added sugar and consist of as many natural ingredients as possible, such as nuts, figs and cocoa. They cause blood sugar levels to rise more slowly and leave you feeling full.

What are the best snacks to eat?

On trips, journeys or after a workout, if you live an active life, you don’t always have the opportunity to enjoy a sit-down at a dining table. Fortunately, healthy snacks can be great alternatives to meals – and they might even support your personal healthy living goals. 

1. Fitness snacks

If you like to do sports, healthy snacks before and after your workout are vital for muscle growth and regeneration. Fitness snacks contain the optimal ratio of proteins and carbohydrates. You can also browse our supplements for athletes for more inspiration on which nutrients you need after your workout session.

2. Snacks for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, weight loss snacks provide you with energy without breaking your healthy living goals. Make sure they contain plenty of protein and no added sugar. Dates, for example, provide natural sweetness.

3. Low-calorie snacks

If you like to control your energy balance, low-calorie snacks are ideal – you can check the nutritional value thanks to the clear information displayed on the packaging.

4. Vegan snacks

A vegan diet often requires a little planning. If only non-vegan cake is served at a birthday event or you’re worried about not being able to eat any food when going to events, vegan snacks offer you reassurance that you won’t go hungry. If you’re vegan and also interested in boosting your nutrient levels, you can stock up on our plethora of vegan supplements.

5. Easily digestible snacks

If you like to fight your afternoon slump in the office with sweet things, you should definitely stock up on healthy snacks with a high protein content in your desk drawer. This way, you can eat delicious food that gives you energy without having to put extra strain on your digestive system.
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