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What happens when my saliva is analysed?

A saliva test can be used to measure the presence of various hormones in our bodies. Hormones are active throughout our body and carry out vital functions on a daily basis. In saliva, the hormones found are classed as free hormones – that is, hormones that your body can use directly. This makes checking hormone levels by saliva test kits useful in many cases, as the availability of hormones can be measured at certain times.

Take for instance our Cortisol Test, which checks your cortisol – in other words, your stress hormone levels. You should ideally take many saliva samples over the course of an entire day. In this way, the way your hormone levels naturally fluctuate throughout the day can be properly observed and analysed. Deviations from normal cortisol levels can then be an indication of burnout or chronic stress.

The sleep hormone melatonin, which is found in saliva, is of particular interest at a specific time: shortly before bedtime. If our Melatonin Test reveals that your sleep hormone levels are suspiciously low, there may be a problem with your sleep regime. In this case, you should make sure you have a consistent bedtime regime, refrain from screentime just before bed, exercise enough throughout the date and eat early. If you feel the need to boost your sleep quality even further, you can look into taking sleep improvement supplements, which are becoming increasingly popular these days.

Saliva test kits: how can I test my sex hormones?

A saliva test is also a way to find out more about the sex hormones free testosterone and free oestrogen in the body.

In women, the female sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone regulate the menstrual cycle and sex drive, among other things. Hormone levels that are too high or low can cause various problems, from mood swings to hair loss. Since oestrogen levels fluctuate greatly during the menstrual cycle, as a woman you should take note of the phase during which you perform the Oestrogen Test – this way, you can later use the correct reference values for comparison.

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone. It is involved in muscle development, hair growth and sperm production. A severe testosterone deficiency can lead to hair loss, potency problems and weaker muscle strength, among other things. With a Testosterone Test, another one of our hormone tests,  however, free testosterone levels can be measured at various times of the day.

Saliva tests from cerascreen

Saliva tests from cerascreen® are simple home health tests. All you have to do is fill a sample tube with saliva and send the saliva sample by post to a specialist diagnostic laboratory. Shortly afterwards, you will receive a detailed results report in your personal cerascreen account, with test results, recommendations for action and further health information.