Omega-3 Check up set: Omega 3 Test + omega-3 supplements

  • Omega-3 Check up set: Omega 3 Test + omega-3 supplements
  • Omega-3 Check up set: Omega 3 Test + omega-3 supplements
  • Omega-3 Check up set: Omega 3 Test + omega-3 supplements
  • Omega-3 Check up set: Omega 3 Test + omega-3 supplements

Omega-3 Check up set: Omega 3 Test + omega-3 supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered particularly healthy fats. But in our modern diets, we consume very little omega 3. This can become a problem. If omega-6 fatty acids, the counterparts of omega-3, are more dominant, it can lead to inflammation in the body and a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) contributes to normal vision and brain function (Health Claims Regulation).

The Omega-3 Booster Kit ensures you maintain optimal omega-3 levels. The test is used to determine the concentration of omega-3 in your body – and you can monitor this over several months. You can choose your omega-3 supplements from three of our best-sellers!

  • Take the samples easily at home
  • Save money when you buy a set 
  • Receive an analysis performed in a certified medical laboratory 
  • Get a comprehensive results report
  • Receive omega-3 supplements from our experts
  • Receive your results within 1 to 2 working days after the sample’s arrival in the laboratory


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Check your omega-3 levels conveniently at home 


Product Ingredients  Content
Norsan Omega-3 total oil (lemon) triple pack - 3x200 ml Natural fish oil, olive oil, cholecalciferol (vitamin D), mixed tocopherol (vitamin E). For Omega-3 Total Lemon, a few drops of natural lemon oil were added. 3× 200 ml

Artic Blue Omega 3 vegan - 90 capsules

Microalgal oils (from Schizochytrium sp.), Modified corn starch, Carrageenan, Sunflower oil, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), Natural Rosemary Extract, Antioxidants (Tocopherols, Ascorbyl palmitate), Disodium phosphate (acid regulator).
90 capsules

Norsan Omega-3 oil kids - 150 ml

Natural fish oil, natural cod oil (contains vitamin A), olive oil, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), orange oil. 150 ml

Recommended dosage: Depending on the omega-3 amount recommended by us from the results report, the instructions in the packaging or until you have reached the optimal omega-3 level.

    Your personal test results

    Sample Report

    As soon as your sample has been analysed, you will be able to view your individual results report in the My cerascreen® mobile app or your customer account on our website, where you can also print the report.

    Results of laboratory analysis: Find out if your omega-3 levels are within the normal range.

    Individualised practical recommendations: Learn how to optimise your omega-3 levels.

    Important health information: Read about why omega 3 is so important and which foods are the best sources of omega 3.

    View sample report

    Free health advice

    Still have questions about your test results? We offer free health advice from our nutritionists by telephone — in English. During your 15-minute consultation, our nutrition expert will not only talk to you about what your results mean, but also about health in general, test-taking, and they are able to answer any questions you may have about further tests. More information can be sent to you by email upon request. To book our free health consultation, please follow the link in your results report.

    Omega-3 Test: determine your current omega-3 levels

    With the Omega-3 Test from cerascreen®, you can test and monitor your omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid levels. For this self-test, you do not need a doctor or surgery; you can simply test yourself at home. What’s more, you can save yourself the process of arranging an appointment and waiting times at the doctor's office. Your Omega-3 Test is just one click away!

    After only a few days, you’ll receive the test kit at your home. It consists of comprehensive and step-by-step instructions explaining how to take the blood sample, two return cards with your personal test ID for registering the test with My cerascreen, and a return bag for sending your blood sample to our laboratory free of charge. Also included in the test kit are a disinfectant wipe, a swab, two CE 0344 lancets, a blood collection tube, plasters, a tube for transporting the sample and a name label.

    In our state-of-the-art laboratory, our experts will analyse your sample with the utmost care and accuracy. They will determine the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in your blood and the omega-3 index from the membrane of the red blood cells. Our Omega-3 Test thus provides reliable information on your long-term intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

    After just a few days, you can access these results online in your results report in your My cerascreen® account on our website. In addition, you will receive valuable information on the subject of omega-3 as well as individual dietary recommendations, based on your test results. The Omega-3 Test provides you with a precise overview of your current omega-3 levels and gives you important recommendations for your future diet. For example, you will find out whether you need to take dietary supplements such as fish oil capsules or eat more of certain foods such as fish or linseed oil.

    Will the Omega-3 Test recommend a dietary change?

    By regularly carrying out an omega-3 test, you can optimally adapt your diet to your needs. To help you with this, you will receive individual dietary recommendations together with your results report.

    If your omega-3 index is too low, we recommend eating chia seeds, linseed oil, walnuts, rapeseed oil, tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon, fish oil and fish in general. All of these foods are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Linseed oil is particularly recommended because the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is 1:3.

    You should always consider your omega-3-to-omega-6 ratio when you eat, as you will need to increase your omega-3 intake if you eat a greasy burger, for example. If your dietary intake of omega-3 is insufficient, you can also take supplements (such as fish oil capsules). Take an Omega-3 Test from cerascreen® now to find out to what extent you should change your diet. Prevent cardiovascular diseases and invest in your health!

    How the Omega-3 Test works

    Certified, reliable and accurate

    cerascreen laboratory

    We focus on delivering trustworthy and accurate results by working with the best accredited and certified laboratories that regularly participate in interlaboratory proficiency testing. Our goal is to always ensure a high level of quality and competency. All our partners are laboratories that provide extensive experience and are trusted as well as utilised by physicians all across Europe. Our set-up of using anonymous test IDs ensures maximum data protection and privacy.

    We use the highest certification standards for quality management:

    • ISO 9001
    • EN ISO 13485
    • Interlaboratory proficiency testing

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